For your Feet

Apothecary Foot Bath- Immerse your feet in a herbal bath, customized just for you! Various salts, herbs,essiential oils, and Basalt Hot Stones are used to provide the ultimate relaxation experience! $40

Mother to be- Relax your tired, aching, and swollen feet!  This pedicure features marbles stones to help reduce inflammation.  Your feet are then soaked, exfoilated, and safely massaged. $45

For your Hands

Apothecary Manicure- Your hands are treated to their own customizable experience!  Herbs are selected to promote relaxation and healing through the soaking process.  The skin is then exfoilated using our in house sugar scrubs and moisturized to feel soft and refreshed. $25

Nail Enhancement set- Brisa sculpting gel is a great alternative to acrylic when wanting to add length to your natural nail.  Our gel is light weight, flexible, and durable while also being odorless and hypoallergenic.  This non yellowing UV formula can be worn as a natural/french look or finished with your favorite color. $45

Gel Manicure- A great alternative to changing polish every few days, Gel polish wears great for up to two weeks.  Hand are prepped for polish by soaking, lightly buffing, and filing.  Polish is then set using UV light with cuticle care performed after. $35

Polish Change- Polish is properly removed according to prior application and new polish is applied. $15

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